Computer Vision & Deep Learning

Computer vision is a field of computer science that works on enabling computers to see, identify and process images in the same way that human vision does, and provide the appropriate output. It is imparting human intelligence and instincts to a computer. Since its birth in the 1970’s computer vision has developed exponentially and continues to disrupt and transform many areas of our lives.

Computer vision, image processing, and deep learning are tightly connected. Tasks can include methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images, and the extraction of high-dimensional data from the real world in order to produce numerical and meaningful information.

PXL Focus Areas

To create digital identities from visual information and objects, our key research and development areas are the following:

  • Deep Learning algorithms for Computer Vision, to perform face verification, liveness detection, and text extraction
  • Image matching and classification, to recognize documents types and faces
  • Object detection and tracking, for user guidance while scanning documents
  • Object recognition and classification, to determine the validity of document security features
  • Optical character recognition (OCR), to extract text from documents

Benefit from PXL's Expertise

SW Development & Deployment

The PXL team has developed and deployed mass-market software that is used by more than a million consumers world-wide, always ensuring a high degree of scalability, reliability, and usability.

PXL’s software solutions include web and mobile application and portals and are predominantly based on computer vision and machine learning.

Mechatronics & HW Production

PXL has deep interdisciplinary know-how in working with complex hardware-software combinations (camera, optics, electronics, mechanics).

Having built and launched a range of mass market products with various Original Design Manufactures (ODMs), PXL has gained extensive experience in the the mass manufacture and production of HW-SW products.

User Centric Products & Applications

From Zero interaction liveness checks to friction-free user journeys, we believe technology should be intuitive and easy to use.

Our team has brought to life consumer electronics as well as software based B2C services and know what it takes to create effective user centric solutions.

Business Process & Integration

PXL has a proven track record of analyzing business processes and implementing complex SW technologies into existing customer software environments.

We have supported the digital transformation of both large and small organizations from designing and developing turnkey solutions to advising on how to best integrate our existing products.

Research & Development

Our collaboration with the ETH Computer Vision Lab (CVL) and the Berner Fachhochschule Computer Perception and Virtual Reality Lab (CPVR) means that our technology is constantly developing and improving. These award-winning labs work with PXL to develop cutting-edge innovations that are incorporated into Daego’s product range.


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