The Power of Machine Intelligence

Machines do not follow their gut instinct – they make decisions based on their training processes and gain experience through data. Machine learning means generating knowledge from experience, i.e. from data, and making decisions on this basis. The algorithm not only learns examples by heart but also recognizes existing patterns. After a learning phase with training data, the system can also evaluate unknown data with high accuracy.

Machine learning is the basis of our solutions for identity verification. Using the latest machine learning algorithms, PXL Vision provides machine vision for face recognition, passive liveness detection, and text extraction.

Machine Vision in applications

Please take a look at our software platform for identity verification – Daego. It uses facial biometrics to not only analyze in real-time whether the user logging in matches the photo on the ID document (face verification), but also to check whether he or she is a live person and not an inanimate object or image held in front of the camera (liveness detection).

As a special form of machine learning, machine vision makes the identity verification in our solutions particularly secure and, at the same time, easy to integrate into online and mobile applications. Since its beginnings in the 1970s, research on machine vision has made exponential progress and is increasingly finding its way into different areas of our lives. Today’s precision of algorithms seeing, recognizing, and processing images allows reliable identity verification by using facial recognition data.

Machine Learning at PXL Vision

Our goal is to decisively influence and advance the further development of these technologies. In doing so, we focus on the following example research and development areas:

  • Machine learning algorithms for computer vision to perform face verification, liveness detection, and text extraction
  • Image matching and classification, to recognize documents types and faces
  • Object detection and tracking, for user guidance while scanning documents
  • Object recognition and classification, to determine the validity of document security features
  • Optical character recognition (OCR), to extract text from documents

PXL Vision combines the latest technologies with practical know-how

For technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and machine vision to become meaningfully integrated into products, it takes more than a commitment to research. For PXL Vision, we have brought together a diverse interdisciplinary team: experts who have pioneered the commercialization of machine vision applications and who have been involved in machine learning for decades, experienced software engineers, qualified hardware specialists, knowledgeable data analysts, and experienced consultants.

PXL Vision's team expertise

Our demands upon ourselves regarding our work and our solutions are high: highest security & reliability, best scalability, and superior user-friendliness are always in focus. Our web, mobile, and platform applications are based on state-of-the-art technologies, especially in machine learning and machine vision.

Software Development & Deployment

Various companies and millions of consumers are using software solutions developed and delivered by the PXL Vision team.

Mechatronics & Hardware Production

The PXL Vision team has well-rounded, interdisciplinary know-how for creating and integrating complex systems.

User Centric Products & Applications

We believe that technology should be intuitive and easy to use. Backed by decades of practical experience, we optimize identity verification and onboarding processes.

Business Process & Integration

Numerous companies have trusted us regarding their digital transformation because we go all the way: From the design and analysis of business processes to the development of turnkey, including the integration of our products into existing infrastructures.

Research & Development

Our collaboration with leading academic institutes, such the ETH Computer Vision Lab (CVL) the Berner Fachhochschule Computer Perception and Virtual Reality Lab (CPVR) and Michigan State University means that our technology is constantly developing and improving. These award-winning labs work with PXL Vision to develop cutting-edge innovations that are incorporated into our product range.

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