We prepare your business for the digital age by providing fully automated identity verification and customer onboarding solutions

Enabling Trust Online
Your customers increasingly exist and transact online. With identity fraud at all-time highs, our solutions bring trust to digital interactions between businesses and people by enabling true digital identities.

Digitizing your Business
Our solutions transform customer onboarding by making the process smoother and faster, delivering improved sales conversion while preparing your business for an increasingly digital landscape.

Digital Alter Ego

Daego® is a powerful software platform for secure identity verification, efficient customer onboarding and the creation & management of trusted digital identities

Document Verification

Using an automated approach, Daego® captures and extracts data of identity documents and verifies their authenticity.

Identity Verification

Daego® verifies the user’s identity using our state-of-the art biometric facial recognition and liveness checks.

Workflow Automation

Daego® offers peripheral services and tools to optimize your end-to-end identity verification and onboarding process.

Application Areas

Daego® can be applied to specific use cases in various industries. Following a few selected examples:

Having to fulfill strict KYC mandates, this is a traditionally painful process for Financial Institutions with high costs, high friction and long processing times associated with identity verification compliance.

Our cutting edge solutions transform this procedure. Daego® performs remote identity authentication in seconds, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, while delivering the security essential for this stage in the KYC process.

PXL Vision also offers video call verification for markets with stricter KYC requirements.

As part of customer onboarding, Telco’s are required to perform identity verification. In many instances, these requirements have created cumbersome manual processes, affecting drop-out rates and online sales capabilities, while adding significant costs.

Our onboarding solutions have already helped numerous Swiss Telco’s prevent fraud, drive down costs and improve customer experience while crucially enabling growth in online sales.

E-commerce websites can benefit from the Daego® suite to quickly and efficiently register new customers while protecting their business and customers against potential fraudsters, as well as ensuring GDPR compliance.

For some environments, a simple age verification may be required. By combining our cost-effective tools with simple business rules, age verification and multiple other operating considerations can be configured to meet specific operating needs.

As lawmakers and regulators shape the ICO and blockchain ecosystem, KYC and identity verification are becoming increasingly important.

Our cutting-edge onboarding solution offers an efficient, low-friction experience while ensuring regulatory mandates are met.

It is essential to create trust in the sharing economy ecosystem. From ride or home sharing to reselling marketplaces, identity verification enables a more trustworthy environment in which these economies can thrive.

Daego® is this trust enabler. Allow the users of your ecosystem to interact without fear of fraudsters.

With document forgeries becoming more and more sophisticated, it is vital the ecosystem is equipped with the right tools to detect fakes.

Whether it be our core Daego® solution for service providers, or software and hardware developments for airport and border control, our solutions add an additional layer of security to existing protocols.

Digital identity verification is also being leveraged by the public sector as many governments are looking to eID schemes to digitize and optimize access to government services. Additionally, public agencies such as police and postal services regularly perform identity verification and checks on government issued documents.

Digital identity verification can be used to drive real efficiencies within the public sector, while also providing cost saving benefits.

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