We provide unique software solutions powered by latest Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and VR/AR algorithms.

Our solutions are powered by latest Computer Vision, AI, Deep Learning and AR/VR technologies that integrate neatly with mobile or stationary camera based devices including AR/VR headsets.

Computer Vision addresses methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing, and understanding real-world images in order to extract meaningful information and take action based on that and today already powers various commercial applications. The field of Computer Vision becomes increasingly important and is largely driven by emerging use cases such as autonomous cars and augmented reality with the necessity for faster and more efficient algorithms. PXL uses these methods to develop novel solutions that help customers differentiate and make their operations more efficient, cost-effective and secure.

PXL Beam®

PXL has developed a unique technology stack called PXL Beam®, combining latest computer vision, machine learning and AR/VR algorithms. It consists of the three building blocks PXL Beam® Data Core, PXL Beam® Object core, and PXL Beam® XR.

PXL Beam® Data Core

Real-time data recognition and extraction with camera based devices for more efficient and secure workflows and improved data quality.

PXL Beam® Object Core

Object detection, recognition, classification and tracking with camera based devices, assigning digital fingerprints for more controlled business processes.

PXL Beam® XR

Tracking, sensing, sensor data optimization and content streaming for VR/AR solutions for market differentiation and more immersive user experiences.

PXL Beam® Data Core is a powerful real-time image recognition and processing framework.

It turns any camera based device into a productivity tool and makes mobile data entry easier than ever. It enables users to instantly capture text, numbers of other data with smartphones and other camera based devices – typing is not needed any longer.

PXL Beam® Data Core is mostly used for the instant, secure and accurate extraction of information from identity documents, vehicles, payment slips or other paper documents but can also be applied on any other real-world object.

PXL Beam® Object Core uses state of the art Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms to detect, recognize, classify and track objects from image streams.

PXL Beam® Object core helps automate cumbersome processes: It can be applied to commercial industrial use cases ranging from the analysis of customer behavior in retail, counting and measuring objects in a warehouse, or track goods in a logistics center.

PXL Beam® Object Core can also assign a digital fingerprint to classified objects to enable more efficient and more secure workflows.

PXL is an industry expert in AR and VR and enables its customers to create unique products and experiences to differentiate from the competition. PXL Beam® XR leverages cameras of wearables, such as Google Glass, Microsoft’s Holo or others, sensing and tracking the environment to merge the physical and digital worlds. Detecting, capturing and interpreting physical content on-the-go and in realtime, PXL enables truly creative and productive use cases for businesses and consumers.

The PXL Beam® engine can be used with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, webcam, VR headset, or any other imaging device. It processes the incoming video streams in real time, and instantly provides the required output, which can be anything from text or numbers, to people or object counts, volume calculations, or even fraud estimation figures.


Application Areas

The PXL Beam® Engine can be applied to specific use cases in various industries. Following a few selected examples:

Automotive banks apply PXL Beam Data® Core to enhance the efficiency of car dealer audits.

Decentralizing the vehicle checks to their dealerships, PXL allows the instant extraction and verification of vehicle identification numbers from physical cars, just by using the smartphone camera.

The automotive bank benefits from highly decreased auditing cost and increased process security.

Airports use PXL Beam® Data Core to replace bulky and expensive passport readers in self-check-in kiosks.

The technology captures data from identity documents with low-cost RGB cameras that do the same job more efficiently and with a better user experience.

Furthermore, PXL Beam® Object Core can be applied to fully automate the bag-drop process, to scan baggage tags from any position with low cost RGB bameras and to calculate the size and volume of the luggage.

PXL Beam® XR is distrupting the VR industry by bridging the gap between inexpensive but limited mobile VR and immersive but costly PC-VR.

PXL has developed a solution that allows users to experience any content that was developed for SteamVR on PC to be played on a cardboard-like headset instead of an expensive HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

Using an intelligent system, PXL simulates most of the functions of a VIVE using just using smartphone sensors and two IMU-based controllers.

PXL is the first company to enable graphics streaming from SteamVR to a mobile headset, independend of the platform or the graphics card used. This allows for a unique value proposition for mobile headset manufacturers, game developers and VR-Ready PC OEMs.

Customer onboarding today often requires the physical presence of the customer for identity verification or a cumbersome, time consuming and expensive offline process.

The PXL Beam Data® Core enables instant offline verification of users. The user scans his identity document with his smartphone and takes a selfie in seconds. PXL then performs various security checks, and confirms the verification of the customers identity.

The bank benefits from increased sales, decreased cost for verification and enhanced user experience for their customers.

Businesses in retail, such as mobile phone carriers are using PXL Beam® Data Core for more efficient and more secure customer onboarding.

Using mobile devices, the customers’ identity document is captured in an instant, relevant data is extracted, security verifications are performed and the information is fed into the point-of-sales system.

The retail business benefits from a much more efficient process, increased security and higher data quality of their customer data.

Police organizations use the PXL Beam® Data Core to extract identity information in real-time, just by pointing the smartphone camera at an identity document.

The solution is optimized for tough real-life scenarios, where speed and reliability is of essence. PXL supports worlwide all identity documents with a machine readable zone, and also selected documents without one.


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