PXL Vision offers free Identity Verification to Corona affected small businesses to continue business as usual – or better!

Recognizing the gravity and economic struggle associated with Corona, PXL Vision wants to support small companies which are affected by the crisis. PXL Vision offers it’s secure, compliant and easy to use identity verification service Daego® to qualifying businesses for free.

Many businesses – including PXL Vision’s customers Sunrise, Salt, UPC (Liberty Global), SwissID, ZKB, Quickline and more – have prepared for the digital age and have the ability to onboard and serve their customers completely remotely at any time without the need for a physical presence. During the current crisis they have the necessary agility and can continue to support and serve their customers.

Others are in a less comfortable situation: As the new Corona virus continues to spread on a global level, they see themselves confronted with a significant challenge. In times when national states of emergency and public lockdowns are declared, businesses which need to securely verify their customers but still heavily depend on distributing products or services through physical stores and point-of-sales are deeply impacted. They experience halted sales and can’t do new business as social distancing is encouraged or shops even have to remain closed. This may apply to mobile operators, insurances, banks, marketplaces, transportation and mobility providers, to name just a few, and may have devastating economic effects.

For affected companies, it is now time to act rather than remain passive and hope things will get better soon. Moving the full sales and onboarding process online will help companies prevent losses and ultimately even benefit from the crises by improving their competitiveness thanks to future proof and fully automated digital processes.

PXL Vision wants to enable such transformations and is committed to help mitigate the impact of the crisis. PXL Vision therefore offers it’s secure, compliant and easy to use identity verification service Daego® to qualifying businesses for free until the end of July, and if necessary will extend the period until the crisis is over.

Please contact us on in case you need our support.

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