PXL builds top-class Computer Vision, AI and Deep Learning innovations based on image recognition, object detection and tracking, automatic document analysis, face detection and recognition, computational photography, AR/VR, and other technologies. Its porfolio of state-of-the art solutions enable PXL’s customer to streamline and secure their processes, increase sales and build unique products to differentiate from competition.

PXL Beam® OnBoard

PXL Beam® OnBoard redefines KYC, making online customer onboarding easier and more reliable than ever. It enables efficient onboarding of new customers in retail, e-commerce, banking, aviation and anywhere where customer identification matters.

  • Immediate and automatic capture of customer data from ID documents with smartphone
  • Authenticates customers through face recognition algorithms
  • Allows on-device contract signing
  • Makes customer data, signature and document images available for any application

PXL Beam® VR

PXL Beam® VR brings immersive VR to the masses.

  • Allows anyone with a mobile VR headset to play titles from SteamVR
  • Simulates most of the functions of a HTC VIVE by using only the sensors of a smartphone and two IMU-based controllers.
  • Enables graphics streaming from SteamVR to a mobile headset, independent on the platform or the graphics card used
  • Uses dual controller setup for user interaction


PXL Beam® MRZ is the fastest way to capture customer data from IDs and passports. It enables anyone to immediately and reliably capture MRZ data from any identity document with a smartphone.

  • Works entirely offline and integrates seamlessly into other applications
  • Highly accurate, robust and extremely easy to use – no training required
  • Supports identity documents worldwide
  • Intuitive interface guides the user with live feedback
  • Captures automatically – no user interaction required
  • Works in tough working conditions (e.g. in use by police forces)

PXL Beam® BagDrop

PXL Beam® BagDrop allows airports to fully automate the bag-drop process.

  • Based on low cost external standard RGB cameras
  • BagTag information is immediately captured no matter how the bag is placed on the belt
  • Classification according to size and shape of the luggage
  • Additional features: Tub detection and human intrusion

PXL Beam® StockID

PXL Beam® StockID helps automating warehouse inventory management, increases storage efficiency and prevents fraud.

  • Records transactions of goods entering a warehouse or a selected area within a warehouse with the help of cameras
  • Makes a camera-based digital fingerprint of objects and tracks them within the defined area
  • Provides a real-time representation of the inventory


PXL Beam® VIN helps customers to monitor car inventories. It enables car dealers to immediately and automatically capture car vehicle identification numbers (VIN) with their smartphones.

  • Allows immediate capture of VIN from behind wind shields
  • Works despite different lightings and reflections
  • Performs a range of security checks to prevent fraud
  • Provides extracted VIN to any application