Intelligent identity verification & secure customer onboarding

Digitalization has become part of our everyday life. Companies offer their customers digital and mobile services, addressing their demand for greater flexibility and convenient services suitable for everyday use. The highest security standards are key to create acceptance among users and to effectively protect their identities and your business. 

PXL Vision’s solutions take on the role of a vital security authority. Our flexible, combinable and configurable modules meet the highest security requirements and largely automate the entire identity verification workflow. Simultaneously, the process is conceivably simple for users and offers an outstanding user experience. Book a demo with us to see how it works: 

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Identity verification: What does it mean?

For a secure and reliable identity verification process, several questions must be answered:

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Are the customer documents valid?

The user’s smartphone camera (or the camera of another device) automatically captures the document (e.g., an ID card). Depending on the document and the requirement, hundreds of machine-readable and visual data can be extracted, including biometric chips if desired. The authenticity of the document is checked based on various stored criteria.

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Is the person behind the camera real?

Part of the identity check is to make sure that the person trying to log in is real. This means that neither a photo, nor a video, nor a mask can be used to fool the verification. PXL Vision verifies the user’s identity using state-of-the-art biometric facial recognition that relies on Passive Liveness Detection. This ensures the authenticity of the person without the need for the user to follow any special instructions.

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Do the documents and the person match?

If both the document and the person have been checked, a match must be ensured for both in order for the process to come to an end. Is the person pictured on the ID card the one sitting in front of the camera at that moment? PXL Vision has developed its own solution for this, which masters the special requirements of detailed face recognition.

Solutions by PXL Vision

Our solutions cover all phases of identity verification and validation. They are based on state-of-the-art machine learning and AI technologies. Combine them in any way, adapt them to individual needs and integrate them into existing processes, applications and architectures.

Capturing and verifying documents

PXL Vision uses machine learning and machine vision to review and verify documents in real-time. The user of the digital service only needs a camera on his cell phone or desktop.

  • ID documents are captured fully automatically in real-time; a mobile or desktop camera is all that is needed
  • PXL Vision automatically detects the type of document
  • The machine-readable inspection zone (MRZ) and the visual inspection zone (VIZ) are precisely captured and read. On request, numerous key features of the document can be checked, including biometric NFC chips
  • The documents are automatically verified for authenticity by comparison with stored samples, and forgeries are detected. This happens in real time, directly on the mobile device
  • For security features, such as holograms and lenticular images, PXL Vision can verify that they are genuine and still valid if required
  • Additional manual test methods can be integrated

Identity verification and liveness detection using machine vision

PXL Vision verifies in real-time that the person in front of the camera is real. A powerful biometric facial recognition system captures numerous features. The AI system also reliably detects whether the user is a living person and not, for example, a photo or a video.

  • PXL Vision’s solutions are based on state-of-the-art technologies in the field of machine vision
  • Biometric facial recognition distinguishes between static images and living persons – fraud attempts are quickly unmasked
  • No further interaction by the user is necessary – it is sufficient for the user to take a short video selfie while looking into the camera. This largely eliminates user errors and drop-outs

Identity verification

PXL Vision compares the captured facial features with the verified documents – leaving no doubt about the valid user identity

  • The system has been optimized to compare “live video selfies” with a low-resolution 2D photo, such as those commonly found on ID card
  • Changing characteristics, such as the aging of a person, wearing glasses or a beard, are included by the system in the analysis
  • Manual checks can be integrated if required
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Your solution with PXL Vision: out-of-the-box or customized

Identity verification as a service: Daego®

Our plug-and-play Daego solution integrates our identity verification modules into a purpose-built user environment for web and mobile services. The fastest way to secure identity verification.

  • Full range of functions
    End to end identity verification including all necessary functions
  • Full automation
    Creating a pre-defined, reliable, and secure process enables you to easily provide digital services and raise customer satisfaction
  • Reduced onboarding costs
    An automated end-to-end process reduces costs and minimizes the effort
  • Great usability
    Provide intuitive interfaces and a frictionless customer journey with low manual effort and smooth UX for the customer during the onboarding process
  • Increased conversion rates
    Prospects who are safely and comfortably guided through the onboarding process are more likely to become customers
  • State-of-the-art fraud protection
    A secure system protects both the digital service provider and the users from fraud and abuse.
  • Technical flexibility
    Available both as a web app via API and as a downloadable app for iOS and Android: Our solution can be implemented both as a cloud service and as an on-premise solution.

Tailored solution for identity verification

If processes have already been defined, applications are already in use, certain regulations and industry standards must be met, or you have special requirements for integration into your IT architecture – then a customized identity verification solution is recommended. 

  • Flexible configuration
    Identity verification by PXL Vision is highly flexible to address your exact demands. Store your business rules and workflows and determine in detail which data you want to check and verify and how strictly.
  • Flexible extension
    Integrate additional tools into your automated workflow, such as document scanners, e-signature checks, bar codes and QR codes, PEP and sanctions lists as well as manual decision instances.
  • Flexible integration
    PXL Vision integrates with existing applications – as a cloud service or on-premise installation
  • White label solution
    Fully integrate PXL Vision into your applications and brand world
  • Supporting your compliance
    Clearly defined, largely automated workflows, implemented according to the highest security standards, ensure that compliance rules can be adhered to

IT architecture: Use our services – in the cloud or on-premise

  • Mobile native
    Integrate functions for identity verification into your corporate mobile app
  • Mobile web
    Complete access to our identity verification via a web browser
  • Cloud service
    Solutions hosted in the Swiss PXL Vision Cloud. Certified according to SOC 2
  • On-premise
    Full control over your data. Run our solution on your own IT infrastructure

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