Digital Alter Ego

In an age where we increasingly exist and interact online Daego® is a vital gatekeeper in the validation and creation of trusted digital identities for customer onboarding through advanced document and identity verification.

Faster OnBoarding Times

Faster Onboarding Times

Identity Verification & Onboarding

PXL Daego® redefines identity verification, making online customer onboarding easier and more reliable than ever.

Adapting to customer requirements, PXL Daego® is a completely flexible cross-platform solution which can be integrated into any technical environment.

Higher Sales Conversion
Lower Onboarding Costs
Protection from Fraudsters

Document Verification

PXL Daego® uses a machine-based approach, deploying computer vision and machine learning, to efficiently and securely validate document authenticity in real time.

ID Capture & Data extraction

  • Fully automated real-time capture of ID documents using mobile or desktop cameras
  •  Accurate extraction of machine readable and visual inspection zone
  • Automatic identification of document type with wide document support globally

ID Document Authentication

  • Automatic forgery detection and verification of document authenticity
  • Validation of security features such as hologram and lenticular
  • Optional human checks can be included for high-risk environments
Male using latest smartphone technology for a biometric facial recognition unlock

Identity Verification

PXL Daego® deploys powerful biometric face recognition technology and liveness checks to verify in real-time whether the user matches the document photo.

Face Verification

  • State-of-the-art facial recognition technology which compares a live “video selfie” against the ID document photo
  • Engine optimised for the comparison of 2D photo images and live video selfies
  • 1:1 biometric facial recognition for authentication of existing users

Zero-interaction Liveness Check

  • Detects facial biometric fraud such as usage of static images vs. a live person
  • Emotion tracking to assess whether the user is being coerced
  • Intuitive technology – no guided interaction needed

Workflow Automation

PXL offers peripheral services and tools to support your end-to-end identity verification and onboarding process.

  • Digital signatures
  • Data and text capture from forms/ invoices/ documents
  • Scanning and processing of codes, barcodes, QR codes, etc
  • Background checks (PEP, sanction lists etc.)
  • 1:n facial check against existing user database
  • Additional features on request

Your PXL Daego® Solution

Every business has different needs and considerations. Daego’s powerful document and identity verification technologies can be delivered as plug-and-play off the shelf platforms or customer-tailored solutions.

PXL Daego® Go!

True Identity as a Service. This plug-and-play solution incorporates our proprietary identity verification modules within a carefully curated user environment for both web and mobile formats.

  • Easy integration: the fastest way to integrate Daego®
  • Includes PXL Daego® Document and Identity Verification
  • Smooth UX for a fast, low-friction onboarding experience
  • Available as a web app via API, or download our mobile version for iOS or Android

PXL Daego® Onboard

PXL Daego® is also offered as software development kit (SDK) for full flexibility and independence, allowing complete customization of the end-to-end identity verification and onboarding process. PXL Daego can be Integrated into existing client applications or as part of a new white label solution.

  • Access to PXL Daego® document and identity verification SDK
  • Additional workflow automation tools available, such as document scanner, e-signature, bar/QR codes, PEP and sanction list checks
  • Flexible integration and hosting options
  • Business rules definition, consultancy and project management of new solutions


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