Team of dedicated software experts and industry professionals.

PXL Vision AG is a Swiss high-tech company founded by former key employees of Dacuda AG, an award-winning computer vision company that sold its 3D division to Magic Leap in the beginning of 2017.

We develop unique software solutions powered by latest Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and VR/AR algorithms.

PXL has a proven track record in developing and deploying mass market proven imaging products that are used by more than a million people worldwide.

PXL is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with R&D centers in Novi Sad, Serbia, and Yerevan, Armenia.

Our solutions integrate neatly with mobile or stationary camera based devices including AR/VR headsets, making customer operations more efficient, cost-effective and secure.

Meet the Founding Team

PXL was founded in March, 2017 and is run by a team of experienced industry experts with extensive experience in building and commercializing highly complex Computer Vision technologies.

PXL’s founders have worked together for more than 7 years at Dacuda until Dacuda’s 3D division has been sold to Magic Leap. The team has extensive experience in building highly complex Computer Vision, Deep Learning and AR/VR technologies and the passion and execution know-how to bring them to the market.

Michael Born

Chief Executive Officer

Karim Nemr

Chief Business Officer

Nevena Shamoska

VP Development

Roxana Porada

VP Products