Top expertise to build outstanding solutions for your business


PXL Vision has extensive expertise in transforming complex computer vision technologies and research into easy-to-use solutions for end-users.

We help companies advance their business by boasting their digital transformation, based on computer vision, AI and other technologies. These technologies, together with PXL’s process expertise and integration know-how help PXL to create innovative, reliable and value adding solutions that help streamline business processes.

Key Customer Benefits

PXL Beam® Technology Stack


PXL Beam ® is a software engine based on Computer Vision, AI, Deep Learning and AR/VR technologies that integrates with mobile or stationary devices and AR/VR headset.

PXL’s technologies enable camera based devices to detect, extract and process content in real time from video streams, leveraging technologies of compute vision and artificial intelligence.

SW Development & Deployment


PXL has developed and deployed mass market software that is used by more than a million consumers world-wide, always ensuring a high degree of scalability, reliability and usability.

PXL’s software solutions are mostly based on computer vision and machine learning and include web applications and portals, as well as mobile applications and rich client applications.

Business Process & Integration


PXL has a proven track record of analyzing business processes and implementing complex SW technologies into existing customer software environments.

We have been supporting small and large organisations with their digital transformation by developing a broad range of turnkey solutions from analysis and design to productive use. .

Mechatronics & HW Production


PXL has deep interdisciplinary know-how in working with complex hardware-software combinations (camera, optics, electronics, mechanics).

Having built and launched a range of mass market products with various Original Design Manufactures (ODMs), PXL has gained extensive experience in manufacturing mass productions of HW-SW products.

Consulting & Custom Solutions

As PXL works on a wide variety of problems such as image recognition, object detection and tracking, automatic document analysis, face detection and recognition, computational photography, AR/VR and more, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in these fields. PXL offers its know-how Computer Vision, AI, Deep Learning and AR/VR expertise to customers who do not have the knowledge or the capacity to build such solutions in-house.

PXL helps clients research and analyze processes and come up with innovative ideas and designs for developing unique solutions, and also builds computer vision based custom solutions that are in line with PXL’s technology roadmap. PXLs Data and Object Cores can be flexibly tuned and applied to any other physical content or object, and can be easily integrated into existing processes with reasonable efforts.